Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

The Aitchison School of Canada Inc.is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our families, students, workers, alumni, contributors, stakeholders, and everyone from whom we gather personal information. We cherish the trust of individuals we do business with and the general public, and we understand that keeping that trust requires us to be transparent and accountable in how we handle the information you choose to share with us.

Aitchison School of Canada inc. adheres to the principles of the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and ensure that all personal data is handled correctly, used only for the purpose for which it was collected, and disposed of in a secure and reasonable fashion when no longer needed.

We routinely collect and use personal information as part of our numerous projects and activities. Anyone who provides us with such information may expect it to be strictly protected and that any use or handling of it will be subject to consent. Our privacy policies are in place to help us achieve this goal.

Defining Personal Information

Any information that can be used to identify, contact, or identify a specific individual is considered personal information. This information can contain a person's thoughts or beliefs, as well as facts about or relating to that person. Business contact information and other publicly available information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers published in telephone directories, are not considered private details.

When a person uses his or her home contact information for both personal and business purposes, we consider the contact information to be business contact information and it is not protected as personal information.

Privacy Practices

Personal data collected by Aitchison School of Canada Inc. is kept private. Our employees are only given access to personal information if they have a legitimate need to deal with it for the purpose(s) for which it was received. There are safeguards in place to ensure that information is not revealed or exchanged for purposes other than those for which it was collected. We also take precautions to protect the information's integrity and prevent it from being lost or deleted.

We only collect, use, and share confidential data for purposes that a reasonable person under the circumstances would deem proper. We typically give people we work with the option of not having their information shared for purposes other than those for which it was specifically gathered.

Our website is operated by Aitchison School of Canada Inc. for the benefit of our families, students, employees, alumni, donors, stakeholders and those interested in supporting our organization. It is free for use by individual web users. No registration is required.

All personal information gathered by the Aitchison School's website, such as e-mail addresses and financial information, is deliberately and specifically provided to us by the website user. When a product, service, or donation is transacted and/or paid for online, we use password systems and encryption software to safeguard personal and other information we receive. Our software is updated on a regular basis to ensure that such information is kept safe. We expect all Internet users to be using the most recent version of their browser and to have security measures turned on.

If you are under the age of 18, please get your parent's or guardian's permission before sending any personal information to us or anyone else via the Internet. We encourage parents to become active with their children's online activity and to be aware of what they are doing.


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