Withdrawing from your program or reducing your courses has consequences. Make sure you are aware of the deadlines to withdraw and how it affects your academic record and fees. To officially withdraw, you must submit a Withdrawal Form to the Enrolment Services Office.

Withdrawing or reducing (i.e. by dropping) courses may have any of the following effects:

  • Change your eligibility for an OSAP loan
  • Extend the duration of your studies, or delay your graduation
  • Add to your expenses via additional fees (i.e. the result of extending your studies)
  • Affect your 'sponsorship' arrangements
  • Affect your eligibility for inter-collegiate sports
  • Impact prerequisites for upcoming semesters

Withdrawing after fees payment

You must notify the College in writing by the tenth day of classes to be eligible for a refund of fees. Please submit a Withdrawal Form to Enrolment Services at any campus. The College will refund all tuition fees less a $200 non-refundable amount.

Withdrawing after course registration

Once you have registered for your classes, you are responsible for full tuition fees for your first semester unless you submit a Withdrawal Form by the tenth day of classes. Please note that once you are registered in classes, turning down your offer or cancelling your application at Ontariocolleges.ca or verbally notifying your instructor, Enrolment Services or other College staff does not withdraw you from your program. Should you cease to attend classes and do not officially withdraw, you will remain enrolled and will be assigned a 'FNA' (Fail Non-attendance) grade. To avoid this, submit the Withdrawal Form by the deadline noted in the Important Dates Calendar available to the institute.

Withdrawing after the tenth day of classes

If you withdraw from your program after the tenth day of classes, the fees for the semester are non-refundable and you are responsible for any outstanding fees for the semester. You will be refunded tuition that you have pre-paid for any subsequent semesters. In rare circumstances, the College will allow students to withdraw after the relevant deadline and receive either a partial refund or withdrawal without academic penalty. Contact the Enrolment Services Office at 416-289-5300 for details. You must submit a Withdrawal Form, a one-to-two page letter of explanation and any supporting documentation (e.g. a doctor's note if you were ill).


A refund cheque will be mailed if you paid by cash, cheque or debit. If you paid by credit card, the refund will be issued to the credit card. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing, however longer waits may be experienced during peak processing periods.

OSAP - is currently not applicable